Shareholder Protection/ Buy/Sell Agreement

Business Succession Planning

Protect Your Business with a Buy/Sell Agreement

Effective mechanisms for transferring equity and control are crucial for any business structured through a partnership, company, or trust. A buy/sell agreement outlines how business ownership will be managed in the event of a partner’s death or disablement, providing peace of mind for all stakeholders. Download this guide to learn how to secure your business’s future with a comprehensive buy/sell agreement.

This guide covers:

  • Why Shareholder protection is needed
  • Key components of a buy/sell agreement:
    • Trigger Events: Defines specific situations (e.g., death, crisis, or permanent disablement) that activate the agreement.
    • Call and Put Options: Rights allowing proprietors to purchase or sell equity under predefined circumstances.
    • Agreed Price/Valuation Method: Establishes the price and method for equity transfer.
  • Process and tax implications:
    • Steps to create and regularly review a buy/sell agreement.
    • Tax implications of different ownership structures.

Ensure your business’s continuity and protect your equity with actionable insights on establishing a buy/sell agreement funded by life insurance.

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